The Power of Words

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hello everyone.

I’ve talked about kotodama(power of language) several times, and there were some tanka poems that were preserved in the Manyoshu that had kotodama.

磯城島(しきしま)の 大和の国は 言霊の 助くる国ぞ ま幸(さき)くありこそ

This is a tanka written by a person named Kakinomotono Hitomaro. It is said to be the song he used when he saw off the envoy to Tang China. The meaning is “Yamato no Kuni (Japan) is a country where Kotodama brings good fortune. I hope you are safe.”

There is also a song that Yamanoueno Okura read as 「言霊の幸う(さきわう)国」People at the time may have had a common notion that “Japan is a country where kotodama bring happiness.”

I guess that’s why the Japanese valued their words.

In today’s world, we tend to use foul language, but the power of words is still great. Hearing bad words makes you feel bad. Feeling down means that you are receiving the power of the kotodama.

Words can hurt people, but they can also encourage and give you confidence. The language you use on a daily basis shows what kind of person you are. I want to live with a smile, using words that are positive, affirmative, and kind. Do you think so too?

Let’s be happy!

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