Brain science law of attraction-1

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After all, the “universe” that is said in the world of the law of attraction was positioned as a god, but the person in the video I saw one day said, “Listen to the voice of your inner god. “She said.

What is “My Inner God? ” What a suspicious thing. What’s wrong with this person?!! What does it mean to have a god in me? Isn’t God watching over us from a distant universe? I don’t know. can not understand···

I don’t really understand it anymore, please explain to me so that someone can understand it!!!

It was in such a state. At this time, I found a book called “How to Rewrite Scientific Subconsciousness” at a bookstore.

Subconscious rewriting?!! In other words, is it brainwashing?!! Do you think so too?

However, this seems to be a rewrite of the meaning of changing the negative image that everyone, including myself, always unconsciously thinks into a positive image.

When I read it with expectation, “Because it’s scientific, I’m sure I can understand this!”, I see! I understood.

What’s going on! It’s like the principle of “law of attraction”.

It started with the story of quantum mechanics.

Everything is made up of small grains.

Matter → Molecules → Atoms → Nuclei / Electrons → Protons / Neutrons → Elementary particles → Strings

It is like that. The microscopic region below the atomic nucleus is called quantum mechanics. Of course, it is a world that is invisible to the eye. Moreover, it is hard to believe that these elementary particles have mysterious properties, but when we “see” them, they are shaped as matter. But when we “not see” it, there seems to be nothing.

It is said that when you turn your consciousness to observe, it becomes a substance, and when you are not conscious, it becomes a wave (energy).

It seems to be an observation problem. However, such a difficult thing is set aside for now.

What I am concerned about is that it becomes 3D by being conscious.

In other words, don’t you think it’s the “law of attraction”?

It’s difficult, so I’ll skip various things and think easily.

If we are always attracting what we are thinking, that is, if we are making it 3D, we will always have to think about what we want to achieve.

It’s a much more convincing story than being told to receive the light of love from space in a book I’ve read in the past. For me, it is.

If you turn your consciousness, it will be three-dimensional.

It is said that people think 60,000 times a day, but most of this happens unconsciously. If you are thinking 90% unconsciously, you may be able to move in the good direction you want if you move 10% that you can consciously in the good direction. It is an image of gradually increasing the brightness from the new moon to the full moon.

If you think “I’m not lucky”, unlucky events will occur frequently.

“People only see what they want to see,” so if you are looking for an unlucky event, you will be heading for the unlucky one after another.

The author says that the choice of words is also important.

In Japan, “kotodama” is believed, and this is not a lie.

By the way, Kotodama means that “words have spiritual power (soul).” Words have long been believed in Japan to be alive and powerful.

So, the words you want to use consciously are those that lead to gratitude, respect, acceptance, happiness, and affluence.

For example, “Thank you,” “wonderful,” ” glad,” “fun,” and “happy.”

The author says it’s best to feel the word with your body if possible. Even if you don’t know what it’s like, it doesn’t matter.

By the way, the author says that he doesn’t have to be so heartfelt, even though he says “I’m happy” at first. As You use a lot of good words, your heart gradually becomes full.

I also feel that the “thank you” I used to say when my friend advised me in the past is different from the “thank you” I am using now.(I wrote before “Law of attraction-1-At the beginning”)

This author also introduces some words to watch out for, so I would like to introduce one.

If something goes wrong. You might wonder, “Where is it wrong?” But this is a bad question. This word is premised on being useless. Paraphrase this word to “how can I get better?” The premise is “good now”. You can get involved with a positive feeling, “The situation is good, but I want to make it better.”

We are not machines. It’s important to leave the bad parts alone and focus on the good parts.

If you realize what you are good at, developing that ability will be the key to our enjoyable life.