Now is the best time

光の木-1 English

Hello. I’ve talked about it before, Imagine yourself in the future. And what do you think you might be doing in the future? Let’s take action from what you can do now.(The future setting)For example, go to a store that you might go to, test drive a car that you might like to drive, or try to make clothes.

When you are envisioning the future in advance, you may come to your senses and see the gap between the current reality and the future you envision, and you may feel depressed. Even if you think, “Compared to my future self, my current self is still shabby,” but in fact, as yourself, that is your best “current moment.”

In other words, while we are pushing forward to the future we envision, the “present moment” is the cutting edge of that future.

This applies not only to the physical objects around us, but also to our minds. Whether you’re feeling anxious, believing you can do it, or just having fun, whatever your situation, think “now is 100 points”. Right now, we are on the way to the future that we envision, and we are on the cutting edge.

Please try to remember the game. The initial equipment may look shabby in hindsight, but it’s the best equipment at the start. As you progress through the story, you will find and equip even better items one after another. That’s right?

By spending time thinking “I am the best” at the moment, you are definitely getting closer to the future you envisioned. Believe in yourself and be your ideal self.

Where to Focus

believe in yourself