Self-Limiting Beliefs

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Hello. There are surprisingly many things that we do not realize ourselves, but that we have assumed.

I want to change jobs, but…

I want to go to Hawaii, but…

I want to get married, but…

And so on, for some reason I think I can’t do it.

When we think about the reasons why we think that way, or the causes, we think that in the past we were denied ourselves, or we were controlled by others, or there was something that made us lose confidence.

For example, many people are the eldest son and eldest daughter, so they have to be patient, even if they are not the eldest son and eldest daughter, their opinions are made fun of, or they act reluctantly under orders from an intimidating person. From our various experiences, it is thought that self-worth has fallen.

In other words, we have lost the image of “I can do it”.

Therefore, no matter how much we study, no matter how much information or friends we have, we are unconsciously searching for the reason why we can’t do it.

In order to get rid of such thoughts, it is recommended that you start by gaining confidence in yourself first.

As for what you should do, you don’t have to do anything difficult.

First of all, start with things that even elementary school students can do, such as arranging your shoes, washing and cleaning the dishes, and brushing your teeth. Continue for a month first.

Do it for a month and think you’ve done it. Even if you can only do one of the many things you have done, the point is to focus on what you did and think “I did it!”. As you continue like this, you will gradually gain confidence.

If you write down what you have continued every month, you can check it with your eyes, so it is recommended.

I think that you will probably notice that you have changed a little in half a year.

“Is that really true?” You may think, but if so, please try it as an experiment. You should have been looking for “reasons why you can’t do it”, but you will be able to find “reasons why you can” without knowing it.

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