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Hello. This time it’s about what you can easily do.

Just because it’s easy for you doesn’t mean everyone can do it.

There may be quite a lot of people who think, “Oh no, that’s not true.”

But in fact, it may be your special skill that you can easily do it yourself.

You may be surprised, thinking, “This is such a simple thing?!” However, for some people it can be very difficult.

I once asked someone at work.

“Is there something I’m good at?”

Then the answer came back, “Be able to make plans.”

For example, for summer vacation homework, “Which one should I start so that I can finish it by September?”

You may think, “The deadline for submission is August 20th, so let’s finish this science workbook first,” or “This math workbook is after Japanese.”

It’s fairly easy for me to come up with a plan of when to do this, this, this, and so on, but the person I asked said she’s not good at it.

What was easy for me was difficult for the other person.

On the other hand, let’s say I have a task that I hate. For someone else, this doesn’t bother them, but rather they enjoy doing it.

When I realize this, I think that the world is doing well.

Some people like to build houses, some like to make clothes, some like to plan and design.

Thanks to the existence of various people, we are able to receive or give something to each other.

Everyone is contributing to the world without even realizing it, just by existing.

By noticing, “Actually, I’m amazing,” it becomes a new discovery.

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