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hello everyone.

Do you often use the phrase “I don’t have time”? When I say, “I don’t have time”, I feel like I’m really running out of time, so I try not to use it these days.

I watched a video about how you really feel when you say you don’t have time, so this time I’ll talk about how to realize your true feelings when you say you don’t have time, and how to not say it. I’m going to write about the mindset to do it.

Now, when someone tells you, “You should do something like this,” don’t you say, “I don’t have enough time right now,” or “I wish I had time.”?

I used to say this a lot too, but when I dig deep into the meaning of this word,

“What I’m doing right now is more important than that.”

It’s the same as saying. The meaning of this is precedence.

For those who say, “I don’t have time,” if God were to say, “Well then, I’ll make it 30 hours a day for you,” you would probably still say, “I don’t have time.” Even if you get six hours more than other people.

You can’t actually increase the number of hours in a day, but as one of the solutions to “I don’t have time”, the person in this video says, “Let’s have the premise that there is time!”

When you say “I don’t have time”

“What I am doing now is more important than what is being proposed.”

Let’s paraphrase it like this. Then you will find yourself thinking, “Is this really true?”

Rather than saying “I don’t have time”, I think you’ll have more opportunities to try new things because you’ll have a space to think about your own priorities.

The solution to making time is to find a “why”. People easily find “reasons not to do”, but don’t you feel that thinking about the opposite “reasons to do” will broaden your life in the future?

Many people do not immediately think about improving their eating habits even if they are told at a health checkup that they will become ill if they continue like this. However, if the doctor tells you, “If you continue at this rate, you will only have one year left to live,” you will think, “This is terrible!” And you’re likely looking for a cure soon. This is because the “reason to do” quickly rose to the top.

People tend to take action on what they think is more important than someone telling them, “You should do it this way.”

It’s been a little long, so let’s continue next time. Next time, I would like to write about “Importance to myself”.

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