About the complex

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hello. Regardless of whether they are conscious of it or not, I think many people have a complex. This time I would like to write about the complex.

In the first place, the complex is nothing more than comparing yourself to others. That person has that, but I don’t, or something like that.

She has beautiful straight black hair, but I have a natural perm and it’s not well put together. Or that he’s quick and efficient, but I’m slow, and I get flustered and make mistakes. and so on.

We compare ourselves to others, realize that we don’t have it, and become envious of others. It’s a complex.

But, there is really no need to compare.

Think about it. What if everyone in the world was exactly the same as you?

Is everyone the same and your heart is light? Or did you think, “Everyone’s the same, it’s a bit strange”?

It doesn’t matter what you think. It’s better if you feel safe.

I think what makes us different from everyone else is our individuality.

When I thought that it was “natural” or “normal” that everyone was different, I thought, “I’m fine as I am.”

I’m not inferior to anything, I’m not lacking. I’m perfect enough as I am.

I thought. So, even if someone who can do something amazing appears, I can honestly think that “it is an ability that that person has become able to do by working hard.” And sometimes I wonder, what can I do?

I think we can see our own abilities by stopping comparing ourselves. By focusing on what you can do, you may meet someone who sympathizes with you.

If we don’t have a complex and do what we can and make someone happy, the world will be a very comfortable place.

Do you think so too?