About discomfort

東尋坊-2 English


Today I would like to write about feelings of discomfort. This time the story is a little long.

When do you feel uncomfortable? Even if you suddenly ask, “What kind of discomfort do you have?”, you can’t answer right away. So, let’s write down what kind of feeling discomfort is in the first place.

1. Hard 2. Painful 3. Sad 4. Anger 5. Worried 6. Dead end 7. Impatient

Is it like this?

I think these are the feelings that appear when you say, “I’m not like this!”. It’s like a cry in your heart that makes you feel uncomfortable. Everyone in this world was born to be happy, but it’s a feeling that comes out when we think somewhere in our hearts, “I’m somehow in a different place.”

I will write what you should do when these feelings come out.

When it’s hard

Don’t you think “It’s painful” when you feel like you’re not being rewarded even though you’re doing your best? Try saying “thank you” to yourself.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Anyway, please try to say “thank you” to yourself who is doing your best. It may bring tears to your eyes, or it may make you smile.

If you add “一” to the Japanese character “辛い”, it becomes “幸”.

辛い means hard and 幸 means happy. Did you know?

When it’s painful

Are you perhaps humiliating yourself? Are you telling yourself that you are not good or that you are weak? You are never bad. It’s just your imagination!

Say to yourself, “I believe in you! I’ll be fine!”

when you’re sad

When you’re sad, don’t you go out of your way to recall the sad events and become even more sad?

When I look back on my past, I think I used to take small things in an exaggerated way and pretend to be the heroine of a tragedy, saying, “That person said such a terrible thing!” It feels like I was spinning around in a sad world in a world of my own.

In such a case, let’s look at the outside world to change the mood. Take a look at the people walking down the street. There are many different people and they lead different lives. How would you like to live your life? Wouldn’t you like to live your life with a smile?

when angry

Hitori Saito said, “People who get angry easily are foolish.” So when you find yourself angry, think, “I’m a fool right now.” It makes me laugh a little.

Have you ever looked at an angry person and wondered why they were so angry? When you apply it to yourself and look at it from the side, you laugh and say, “You look like a foolish.” Laughter means that there is room in the heart. Let’s live with a relaxed mind.

when you worry

Worrying is proof that you have free time. When you’re busy, you don’t have time to worry. You have so many things to do in front of you.

If something starts to worry you, look for fun things to do. As long as you are having fun, you will have nothing to worry about. I believe that worry and regret should not be left on for too long.

when you’re stuck

In Japanese, “行き詰まる” can also be taken as “息詰まる”(”breathing stuck”).

Try taking a deep breath. It may be that your thoughts are focused on one point, and you can’t see the other way. Take a deep breath to oxygenate your brain. And choose “fun things” over “right things”. ( Please refer to Think again about attraction

when impatient

When you’re feeling rushed, don’t you feel like you’re floating in the air? Are your feet not touching the ground, fluffy, and feeling like, “It’s not over there, it’s not over here, which way should I go?!”

When this happens, the first step is to calm down and take a deep breath. Correct your posture so that heaven, yourself and the earth are straight. The sky is above your head and the earth is below your feet.

Decide to live as “yourself”. There is no need to compare yourself to others.

That’s it, how was it? The story has become longer than usual, but did you read it?

“Isn’t it strange that I speak to myself?” However, I think it is very important to think that there is another person inside of you and speak to yourself.

The two selves, one is the one who controls thoughts. The other is the person who controls the heart. I’m thinking like this.

When one of them is depressed, the other of them cheers them up. If we can do this, we will be able to recover on our own without depending on someone’s kind words. Why don’t you all try it?

It’s been a long time but thank you for reading.