A story that immunity cannot be achieved even if it continues to be terribly said

PC-3 English

I’m sure you’ve been told terrible things once or twice in your life. I have many times. But that doesn’t mean I’m used to being told. I’m not used to being told terrible words by others.

For example, “A-kun is like this, why are you like this?”, “Why did you make such a mistake? It’s impossible”, “I’m not going to hire you this time”, and so on. I think you have received it. There are some people who think “again” or “I’m used to it” after being told several times. I often think of it as “again.” I don’t think I got used to it. But if you think you’re used to it, it’s not true.

Here is a big announcement!

Immunity cannot be given to a heart that has been hurt by words.

I’m used to it, so it’s okay! But in reality, your heart is hurt. And you say “OK!” And you’re in a state of stress without your knowledge because you don’t want to see the trauma.

The first thing you notice when you are unknowingly accumulating stress is your body. Gradually, it appears on the surface as a physical illness.

Health is the distribution of good quality blood to every corner of the body. Autonomic nerves are involved in this function. Depending on how you use the words, this nerve balance will be lost. It’s not only the words that people say, but it also affects the words that you say. You know from experience that your autonomic nerves are disturbed by others. In other words, depending on what you say, it can disturb the autonomic nerves of the other person.。

This means that you can build good relationships by changing your own words.

Black words that disturb the autonomic nerves of others will also disturb the autonomic nerves of oneself who originated them. If you say words that blame others, dislike or slander, or someone tells you, your autonomic nerves will be out of balance. If that continues, as I wrote earlier, people will be ill. It means that not only you who are exposed to unpleasant words, but also you who are uttering unpleasant words will cause illness to the other person and your body as well. The black words you say disturb not only the other person but also your autonomic nerves.

By keeping the mind calm, it is possible to eliminate the disturbance of the autonomic nerves.

“There are people who are in trouble if you get sick.”

Let’s live healthy by adjusting diet, exercise and autonomic nerves so as not to bother our loved ones.

The important thing is not to hunt down with words. For the other person and for you. Depending on how you say it, you can lead not only the physical condition of the other person but also your life to happiness.

If you really want to say something, shout “Be happy!” I wrote this story before, so please check it out if you like.