Brain science law of attraction-3

本とお茶-2 English

Action is important. I talked about that, but there is one important thing to do in this action.

That is, “you are in a good mood.” Or “you feel excited”.

As I wrote before, the idea of “I want to be like this. I’m in trouble if I don’t” is transformed into the meaning of “I’m very hard if I’m not like this”, and it’s all about hard things. (Please see “Law of attraction-2” if you like)

Therefore, if you study while imagining, “I’m going to enroll in the school I want to study, do club activities like this, make friends like this, and have a fun school life. I’m looking forward to it!” You may be able to enjoy studying.

With regard to anxiety about the future, it is said that by considering whether the anxiety is real or imaginary, the anxiety can be objectively viewed, and it is possible to avoid being swallowed by the vortex of anxiety.

If you think, “I’m worried right now, but this isn’t happening in reality, it’s a world of imagination,” your feelings calm down.

Is it a feeling that you do not have to take out a lot of insurance in case the probability is extremely low? is that different?


The person who explains this brain science is “Do not try to eliminate or avoid negative emotions. Just be close to the emotions and sympathize with” I think so “.” You say that when you accept your emotions, your negative feelings will calm down.

When you think “I don’t like it! I don’t like it!” that feeling grows and attacks you. If you admit that you don’t like that feeling, “Yeah, you don’t like it,” the feeling will calm down as if you were relieved.

Listen to my opinion! listen! That means that another you keeps saying in your heart until you hear. You in the heart are saying, “I think this, hey, don’t ignore it!” After hearing it, “That’s right. I think it’s true. That’s right when I say it,” You answer. Then, you were convinced that “I finally heard the story” and calmed down.

It’s common in business, isn’t it?  For example, if you try to answer “I don’t know because I’m not in charge. good-bye” to the person who called me, the other person will feel like “What is it !!”. However, even if you receive only the story saying “The person in charge is absent now, but I will tell you” and the person in charge contacts later, the other person will not get angry. Anyway, you can feel relieved just by telling the other person what you want to say.

Let’s return the story. If you don’t like it, you run away and cover your feelings, or if you lie, no matter how much you wish and act, it’s different from your true desire, so your actions will be distorted. Therefore, your wish cannot be fulfilled forever. First of all, finding out your true feelings may be the shortcut to achieving your aspirations. By doing so, your feelings will be positive and you will be able to move forward while having fun.

It is often said that it is important for this person and those who teach the law of attraction to feel comfortable and excited.