become aware of one’s true feelings


Hello. I’ve written before about how underlying anger is sadness and a sense of inferiority, but this time I thought about it from a different perspective.

The emotion of anger can serve as a clue to a deeper understanding of ourselves. When anger arises, it is actually a reflection of what we want to achieve.

For example, if you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being intimate with someone of the opposite sex. Maybe it’s because you also want to get along with people of the opposite sex.

For example, if you feel uncomfortable when you see someone laughing out loud. Maybe you actually want to do something fun that makes you laugh out loud.

In this way, anger serves as a trigger for us to realize what we unconsciously desire and what we truly value.

When you feel angry, it’s important to ask yourself why those feelings arise, rather than just suppressing them. Through self-analysis, you will be able to discover your true desires within yourself.

Also, by knowing your anger points, you can find ways to deal with them more calmly when you encounter similar situations in the future.

However, in my case, once I understand the cause of my anger, the anger points often disappear.

Anger is a way to understand yourself better and can be a clue for self-growth. Through anger, you will be able to discover your true feelings and be able to deal with stress and interpersonal issues.

Rather than seeing anger as a negative thing, it’s important to see it as an opportunity to explore and grow within yourself. When you feel angry, try looking inside yourself to see what is causing your reaction.

It can be an opportunity for self-discovery and discover your true desires and emotions. This can be an opportunity to dig deeper into yourself, not only about anger, but also about all your emotions, including joy, anger, sadness, and happiness.

For example, when you feel joy about something, it indicates that you are in touch with something that has value to you and something that you feel passionate about. Conversely, sadness represents a reaction to something lost or something missing.

I believe that understanding ourselves through our emotions is extremely beneficial in building a more balanced life and healthy relationships. Paying attention to your emotions and exploring what they mean can help you become more self-aware.

By digging up suppressed desires within yourself that you were unaware of, you will be able to know yourself and feel at ease.

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