music is a common language

楽譜 English

I think music is a tool that goes beyond words and connects people, but what do you think of it?

This time I would like to think about music.

I feel like I can communicate with music even if I don’t use words. It can also connect across time and space. Even if you listen to the music of the past now, the good ones are good. Suppose you have some music that you didn’t think was so good when you listened to it in the past. As you get older and have more experience in life, that music can become your favorite music.

Suppose someone says, “That song is good,” and I agree. People have different feelings about the song, but there is no difference in what they think is “good.”

If this were a “word”, the meaning would reach straight, so it may not be well communicated to the smallest details of the heart. Music is different from words, and we can agree with each other with each sense, so I feel that we can talk in a peaceful manner.

“The song I listened to at such times reminds me of this.”

I think these are the experiences that everyone has. That’s why I think it’s really comfortable that everyone can listen to the person’s story and sympathize in a flat position without denial or approval.

Aloud from high to low pitches, such as oh and hoo, try and find the part that you feel comfortable with. It’s like having people who feel just as comfortable in the areas where you feel comfortable. If people who like this high pitch get together, everyone can play the high pitch and stay comfortable.

It’s the same as matching the frequency or matching the vibration, and the person who stays next to you for a long time likes the same music as you. The person who used to be next to me goes away at one point. This means that they used to like this music but now it’s changed.

It’s like losing interest in something you were interested in, or getting interested in what you weren’t interested in.

If you really want to do something or need it, you do it naturally. Isn’t it the same as playing your own music naturally?

Music can heal and inspire you, but do you know that there is a “moon tempo”?

This is the same tempo as the human body clock, and it seems to be comfortable. In classical music, many marches use the tempo of the moon. It is believed that if you keep listening to these songs, your heart will be enriched and good things will start to happen in reality.

There seems to be something unknown about music.