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Hello. Last time I wrote about loving myself, so this time I would like to write about loving others.

Other people can be your parents and children, neighbors, friends, co-workers, and all sorts of other people. Love for others begins with respecting them and listening to their feelings and wishes. It’s the same thing as loving yourself.

It’s about accepting the other person and recognizing their existence. To do this, you must first try to understand the other person. And if you have something that resonates with you, you can share it together.

When it comes to self-love, it is relatively easy to understand and take action on “what I want” because it concerns oneself, but when it comes to love for others, it is difficult to understand what the other person wants. Communication with the other person is important.

Loving others does not mean imposing your own feelings and desires on them or trying to change them. It means showering love on someone without expecting them to treat you the way you want.

In order for champagne to flow from the top of the champagne tower to the other glasses, the glass at the top must be filled to the brim. Similar to this phenomenon, it is difficult to love others unless the glass in your heart is overflowing with love. Even though your own glass of love is only half full, if you continue to share it with others, you’ll start to think, “Even though I’ve given you all this, they won’t do anything for me.” This feeling means that you want something in return. Don’t you think this can’t be called “love”?

So, first fill the glass of your heart with love, and then try to love others.

Love requires a balance between self and other. Too much self-love can lead to self-centeredness and neglect of others. On the other hand, too much love for others can lead to self-sacrifice and lack of self-love.

Maintaining a balance between self-love and love for others is the key to achieving true love. Don’t you think so?

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