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hello. Do you know about parallel worlds? This world is one of many parallel worlds, and a common image is that many earths exist simultaneously.

Regarding the existence of parallel worlds, theoretical physics seems to suggest the possibility. However, the truth is that I don’t really understand it. It may be possible that two different worlds exist at the same time, but the simultaneous existence that I think of is “in terms of different dimensions.”

There is a 2D world on top of the 1D world, and a 3D world on top of the 2D world. In the same way, I can understand the simultaneous existence of a four-dimensional world that overlaps the three-dimensional world we are in.

Parallel worlds mean that the same three dimensions exist at the same time, right? It means “we are moving through various worlds by our choices”, right? When that happens, it becomes a spiritual story, but I wonder where the soul exists.

Like me, there must be many people who think that parallel worlds are a bit difficult to understand.。

The video I found at that time taught me how to think about it, so I would like to introduce it.

This person explained the parallel world from the viewpoint of quantum mechanics.

Everything in this world is made up of tiny particles.

Substance → Molecule → Atom → Nucleus/Electron → Proton/Neutron → Elementary Particle → String

Quantum mechanics is the microscopic domain below the atomic nucleus. Of course, it is a world that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

This elementary particle is vibrating. Our world is made of energy called “vibration”.Animals and plants, stone, fire, water, everything. Our “thoughts” are also included in this. Thinking is energy (vibration), so things that tune in to it call and gather.

For example, there are two people, one negative and one positive. In each, negative phenomena and positive phenomena are emphasized. Suppose a person named Mr. A appears in front of the two and talks to them. Negative people think, “Mr. A is very intimidating,” but positive people didn’t think that way at all. In this way, even if one and the same thing is seen, a negative person perceives it as a negative phenomenon, and a positive person perceives it as a positive phenomenon.

In other words, whether you look at a single event positively or negatively. At this point, two worlds already exist.

There is only one stage called the “world”, but there are as many worlds as there are humans, depending on what the people on the stage perceive.

This seems to be the perception of “parallel worlds”.

With this explanation, I understood, “I see!” I can understand this way of thinking. Instead of traversing multiple worlds, Within a single world, there are countless worlds, depending on how we perceive phenomena.

The more perspectives we have, the more parallel worlds we have. From a multifaceted point of view, it means that we will be able to “decide” which parallel world we will go to.

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