Posture and line of sight



This time, I realized that most people stoop when they are feeling down.

When I heard this story, I thought, “Sure!”

Perhaps because of the use of smartphones and PCs these days, there are many people who tend to look downcast and have a stooped back. So maybe there are many people who are easily depressed.

The other day, I was surprised when I was told, “You’ve become stooped.” A few years ago, people used to tell me, “You have good posture.” After all, I have more opportunities to look at PCs and smartphones, so I guess I have become a bit stooped.

So this time, I recommend you try to correct your posture!

For those who don’t know how to do it, here’s how to do it. First, put your hands behind your back and try to pull it back. You can stretch your chest. In this state, if you raise your eyes upward, don’t you feel like your mood is slightly upward?

Like Kasuga-san (a Japanese comedian) in Audrey, let’s stick our chests out to surprise everyone. You will laugh too. yeah? am I the only one?

I try to increase the number of times I look up at the sky in order to improve my tendency to look down.

I just look up at the sky every time I go outside, but it expands my field of vision rather than keeping my eyes on the ground all the time. Even after looking at my PC or smartphone, I make a conscious effort to look out the window.

Looking up at the sky, today is a clear day! It’s fun to notice and discover clouds of various shapes. Even if it’s cloudy, the white and gray areas can look like some kind of pattern, which is interesting. At night I see the stars and the moon. I’m short-sighted, but I can see some stars.  “That star in the vastness of space. Do you know what I’m looking at now?” When I think, the vastness of the world frightens me, but it is also interesting.

When you feel depressed, please take care of your posture and gaze first.

Puff out your chest and look up at the sky. Just imagining myself doing that makes me laugh. Don’t you think so too?

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