Parents’ causality rewards children

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Hello. Today’s title may be a bit harsh, but the content is similar to the story of “causal and retribution”.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Children grow up watching their parents’ backs”? Children observe a lot, and in particular, they grow up by imitating the actions of the parents closest to them.

This is an example of a story I once read, where the person scolded the child almost every day for not cleaning up after the child, not arranging the shoes they took off, not doing their homework, making excuses without apologizing, etc.

But one day, he suddenly thought, “What about me?” He noticed that he didn’t plan his work properly, and that he made excuses and never apologized when he made mistakes. Then he remembered the saying, “Children are synchronized with their parents.

So, he started by putting himself in order. He checked his work schedule for tomorrow, thought about how to proceed with long-term projects, and tidied up his desk at home, he took the lead in arranging shoes for his children and tidying up his room.

One day when he was seriously working hard every day, he noticed that his children were also cleaning up their rooms and working on their homework. When he saw it, he was convinced, “After all, the children were a reflection of themselves.”

This was the story. It’s true that even though I’m leading a lazy lifestyle, telling my children to “be smart” doesn’t seem very convincing. What do you think about “I can’t do it myself, so I want my children to be able to do it”?

Don’t you think that if parents enjoy life, their children will be able to enjoy it too? I believe that if children see their parents enjoying life and think, “Life is fun,” they will be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

If we truly want our children to live happily, I think we, as adults, must first set an example of happiness. What do you think?

take care of yourself

Have time to feel happy