Brain science law of attraction-4

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Based on brain science, I watched a video of a person who teaches me how to live happily and prosperously using the idea of vibration.

This person also says that thinking and action are important.

If you want to be a little better than your life now, it doesn’t start without action.

For example, sharing what you have with others.

It can be information, things, time, whatever. It would be great if someone would be pleased by using what you have, thinking about what would benefit others, and acting.

Life changes depending on who you meet.

For example, if a teacher I met when I was in elementary school praised my talent and continued to act thinking “Is that so!”, That talent was refined over the years. I think you’ve heard stories like that several times before.

Or, thinking, “I will be a star who can sing and dance like that idol!”, I practiced singing and dancing every day and became a popular stage actor. There may be people like this.

What I want to say is that if you have a dream you are aiming for, you need to make an effort to make it come true.

This person also says that it is very beneficial for you to spend the same time in the same space as the person who is realizing what you want to do.

If possible, go to see the person and interview them about what kind of efforts they are making and what their thoughts are. And it would be better if you could act with that person. And you narrow down your wisdom on how to be with that person.

If you make a person happy by doing something that is useful or can contribute to that person, it will also lead to sharing something.

What he was doing at the beginning was to meet someone who realized what he wanted to do. And he was helping that person. For example, if there was a lecture, he took the initiative in helping with the setting and reception. Of course, there is no salary. Even so, he was learning up close what kind of actions and thoughts the person was doing every day.

This person says that if you don’t act anyway, the reality will not change. And since there are no correct or incorrect answers to actions, it is said that it is important to have the feeling that “act in large numbers. Among them, the successful one is the correct answer.


It’s a little scary to act, isn’t it? I am the same. If you think about it, you’ll know what to do, but when it comes to action, you need courage. I thought it would take some time to give this courage. So I thought.

“Do not take actions that require great courage. now.”

You can’t give big courage, but don’t you think you can give it small courage? Moreover, the point is “now”. I don’t have much courage right now, but I don’t know the future. This is the margin for my future growth.

For example, I want to play volleyball! When I think about it, I’m afraid to suddenly join the volleyball team. I’m worried if I can keep up with the rigorous practice. But don’t you think it’s easy to get started if you play volleyball in a circle with friends or colleagues during lunch breaks at school or at work? If this is the case, you can start with two people.

I think it’s a good idea to start by being able to act with a little courage.

I started writing my diary this way, but I didn’t mean to do it from the beginning. I didn’t know what to write in the first place, so I thought it would be difficult to find a topic. But yes, I’ve been watching videos a lot lately, and I thought I might be able to write my impressions, so I decided to write it.

I don’t know who will read it and who will like it, but since the world is wide, I wonder if there are one or two people who will listen to me.

I believe it and am writing now. And I’m also worried whether the English sentences I’m writing are correct.

Are you enjoying my writing? If you enjoyed this, I would be happy.