Brain science law of attraction-2

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I’ve come to understand a little about the law of attraction. Around that time, I came across a video of a person explaining brain science.

This person will explain based on “Abraham’s Teachings”. When you hear Abraham, you might think it’s a person’s name, but it doesn’t seem to be. Here is another new word.

Abraham is not a person’s name, but a “collective consciousness in the universe.” I feel like I can understand, I don’t understand, so I won’t ponder here.

She teaches “cosmic theory” based on Abraham’s teachings. Her “cosmic theory” is the law of the universe that “creates reality based on your own vibrations.

You’re talking about the collective consciousness of the universe or the theory of the universe, but can you really talk about brain science? You might think, but I’ll explain a little.

I think that “wave” is the vibration of elementary particles. The fact that elementary particles are vibrating means that everything made of elementary particles is vibrating. The same is true for humans. It seems that this vibration is called “wave”.

People often say that “the wavelength matches” or “the feelings of oneself and the other person match”, but it seems that wavelength and qi are also vibrations.

Abraham’s law of attraction is said to be that “something similar to itself is attracted”, and there is a premise that “everything is a wave, nothing but a wave”.

The fact that something similar to itself is attracted means that “people who have a lot in common get together.”

It’s easier to understand when people say “people who have a lot in common get together. ” rather than “law of attraction “. You think so too, right?

The things and phenomena around me are materialized and appear because I was conscious of them.

“The reality we have now is in line with our own waves. Things that are different from our own waves will not be attracted,” she says, which is a very important point of her “cosmic theory.” is.

This person does not say that you will come true just by wishing. It is important to decide for yourself, “This will happen!” And it is said that we must take necessary actions for that purpose.

“The theory of the universe works if you decide for yourself” is the basis.

But, now that you mention it. Why can’t I get out of my life as a salaried worker even though I decided to start a business? I go to work every day, and when I’m done with my work, I go home and enjoy DVDs. How do you start a business in such a life?

If you really decide to start a business, you must take some action.

For example, how do you start a business? Should you just shout “I started a company !!”? Or do you go to the appropriate place and go through the procedure?

Where to start a business, what to do after starting a business, whether to start alone, hire employees … There are many things to think about and do.

In that way, by taking some action, you can find something, meet someone, and steadily change your determination into reality. “I was able to do it because I took action” is something that everyone has experienced in their lives.

For example, if you had a favorite person and said, “I love you,” you and that person could become lovers. And if you wanted to get married, your lover also wanted to get married.

You studied a lot and entered the school of your choice.

There was a persimmon on the branch of the tree, so you reached out and picked it. etc.

In this way because we acted, we were able to get something. Behavior is important.