The purpose of the trip is

旅行-1 English

Hello. When you travel, you can make new discoveries and have happy experiences.

The other day, my nephew, who is in elementary school, traveled outside the prefecture for the first time with his friends.Of course, each parent must be accompanied.It was one night and two days, but when my nephew came back, he said, “It was fun!” His eyes lit up.I also heard a little story from my nephew, and it seemed to be a fun experience and memories.

Not only children, but also us change our perspective by putting ourselves in extraordinary situations. We look around excitedly, so we can find a lot of sparkly things. We can’t help but enjoy anything while traveling. The world looks bright.

By the way, in the past, many “travel” were “to live”, such as seeking food or finding a place to live. After a little more time, in Japan, diplomatic ambassadors to China began to travel to China, such as “envoys to the Sui Dynasty” and “envoys to the Tang Dynasty.” The Age of Discovery in the West was a life-threatening adventure journey, and there are also religious journeys such as pilgrimages and missionary activities around the world.

The mainstream of travel these days is to have fun, isn’t it?There is also a business trip, but in many cases, it will be “travel = fun”.

Knowing what we didn’t know, and experiencing something we haven’t experienced before, broadens our horizons and at the same time serves as an opportunity to grow our minds.Travel is a tool for personal growth, isn’t it?

Well, where shall we go?

grow as a person

Know Myself