stairs to positive


Hello. Did you know that emotions have stages?

It seems that there are several steps to change from negative feelings to positive feelings.

For example, when you challenge something, you think “scary”. This feeling of fear falls into the negative category, if anything. As you challenge yourself with this feeling of “fear”, it will change to “anxiety” or “worry” about whether you can really proceed as it is. In the process, you will become jealous or angry, thinking, “Why is it so difficult for me to do it when that person can do it so easily?”

As you do this, you will gradually get used to the situation, and in particular, you will be in a state of “not thinking about anything”, and you will come to realize that you are “fun” if anything.

We tend to think that “fear”, “anxiety”, and “anger” are similar emotions at first glance. However, if we look at each of them one by one, we will notice that even if they are in the same negative category, they are different emotions.

It’s hard for us to notice it ourselves, but emotions are changing like this. And I think we can finally understand that when we finally reach “joy”, our feelings were actually rising little by little.

Even if our feelings are on the negative side at the moment, there is a mental staircase that goes up and down step by step without us even knowing it.

By noticing these emotions one by one, we can see that our emotions are trying to become positive on their own.

Maybe we have a function in our mind that tries to maintain a flat feeling that is neither positive nor negative. So, if we don’t get swayed by our emotions and accept the situation as it is, we might be able to go up and down the stairs of our emotions smoothly.

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