Talk about elementary particles

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I was thinking about elementary particles today, and I had an idea, so I would like to write about it.

What are elementary particles? You might think that, but that’s about quantum mechanics. It’s the field that Mr. Einstein was studying.

I mentioned it earlier in the Brain science law of attraction, so please take a look there if you like. The following is a little excerpt.

Everything is made up of small grains.

Matter → Molecules → Atoms → Nuclei / Electrons → Protons / Neutrons → Elementary particles → Strings

It is like that. The microscopic region below the atomic nucleus is called quantum mechanics. Of course, it is a world that is invisible to the eye. Moreover, it is hard to believe that these elementary particles have mysterious properties, but when we “see” them, they are shaped as matter. But when we “not see” it, there seems to be nothing.

It is said that when you turn your consciousness to observe, it becomes a substance, and when you are not conscious, it becomes a wave (energy).

It seems that this is called an “observation problem”, but I will set aside such difficult things this time as well.

This time I thought about it, but first of all, this world is made up of a collection of elementary particles. In other words, everything is formed by a collection of dots.

If so, if We look into the micro and macro tiny worlds, We will find that there are countless holes.

It was written in a book I read in the past that it says that high-energy radiation that flies in outer space called cosmic rays is coming to the earth, and that this is passing through our bodies. Even if We say radiation, it doesn’t seem to affect our body, so don’t worry.

What I mean is that it’s not there, it’s passing through the body, but we don’t notice it because it’s passing through the gaps between the dots, which are lined with the elementary particles I mentioned earlier.

The radio waves of mobile phones are also the same, aren’t they? We don’t think it hurts or itches because it passes through the gaps between the elementary particles that form as matter. It means that those radio waves also pass through the wall, enter the building, and reach the mobile phone.

Don’t you think this is amazing? This world is the same as a collection of dots in the game world, isn’t it? It’s see-through in the micro world. When I was thinking that way, it became interesting, and I decided to write it this time.

Because invisible radio waves are passing through the gaps between the dots. People’s thoughts may also be flying as radio waves. Perhaps the premonition we sometimes suddenly think is when we catch the radio waves. Thinking about it that way, if we could see the radio waves, how many types of radio waves would be flying around? And it may be scary to send thoughts to someone. I want the feelings of sending to someone to be something that makes each other happy.