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hello. Ladies and gentlemen, what would you think if you were told that “all your wishes will come true automatically”? If there is such an easy way, I would love to know.

Some people are advocating such a dream-like “fully automatic way to fulfill your wishes”, so this time it’s a story about fully automatic fulfilling your dreams and goals.

Fully automatic means that your dreams will come true on your own without any effort. Is that possible~? Don’t you think so? I thought it was a lie too, but when I heard the story, I thought, “Is that so!”, So I will write it.

First of all, it is a story as a premise, but in order for us to do what we want without effort, it is necessary to use the subconscious mind and deceive the brain. So far, I have written several stories about the Attraction system, but the basics of these Attraction stories is to “think that it has come true.”

Our brains (subconscious) do not have right or wrong. We are the ones who decide what is right and wrong. We trace our memories from our past experiences and think whether this is good or bad. Therefore, it does not mean that this will come true because it is good and that this will not come true because it is bad. And it’s not like it doesn’t come true because it’s good, and it doesn’t come true because it’s bad.

If we continue to think negatively, for example, “I don’t have confidence in myself,” our brain (subconscious) will believe, “Are you sure you don’t have confidence?” And our brains have caused one state after another to make us lose self-confidence.

Have you heard stories like this before? “I think I shouldn’t do it, but I end up doing it.” When you give a speech, you have to hold the mic firmly! ! Even though you are thinking, you somehow slip down. In a stage performance, you say only one line, “Two A set meals, please,” but for some reason you say it wrong. Etc..

Don’t you think that this is because your brain is attracting it because you strongly think, “What if this happens?” If so! I wish I could make this strong content into something positive and what I want to make!

As a positive wish, I will think, “I am beautiful.” I continue to live my life as I always have, but from time to time I continue to think, “I am beautiful.” When I look in the mirror in the bathroom, when I see myself reflected in a show window in the city, or when I suddenly think of myself, I think, “I am beautiful.” Or mutter to myself in the mirror. If you’re too embarrassed to talk to yourself in the mirror, smile at yourself in the mirror.

If you keep thinking like that every day, your behavior will naturally change.

Is it possible for me, who is beautiful, to devour late-night snacks? Is it possible for a beautiful me to sleep with makeup on? Is it possible for me to have dark circles under my beautiful eyes?

You’ll suddenly think of things like this, and you’ll start to change those actions. You can’t feel like you’re making an effort because you notice yourself and act naturally on your own. In this way, it is said that it is “fully automatic” because it will unconsciously take action.

For example, when a baby learns to walk, how can he or she stand up without having to hold onto something? I think they practice with that in mind, but once they become able to walk, they don’t have to think about such detailed “how”.

Isn’t it more confusing to be conscious of how to walk? As I often do, when I go up or down stairs, my legs get tangled the moment I think, “Next is my right foot.” There have been a few times when I almost fell down the stairs because I was so confused by what I was conscious of.

If we imprint our wishes into the realm of the unconscious, we will be able to strive effortlessly. Or rather, we ourselves act without thinking of it as an effort, so for some reason we can have the experience of “fully automatic”.

Why don’t you keep saying your wishes for a minute or two every day? If you think it will come true with just this, it’s easy, isn’t it?

“I am beautiful,” “I am a good cook,” or “I am an actress.”

In that time, our thoughts and actions will change, and we will continue to change as we wished. I’m looking forward to it.

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