Creation of the universe-1

宇宙-1 English

Unlike the “universe” that people in the world of “law of attraction” say, I am also interested in the true universe.

It was taken up at YouTube University, but this time it is about the creation of the universe.

It’s a grand story suddenly, but there are still many things that haven’t been clarified yet. It is a story that past scholars gradually elucidate what they do not understand and connect the baton to modern scholars.

In the early days when we didn’t really know anything, it was said that this world was created by gods and monsters. In the case of Japan, I wonder if Kojiki is the case. It is said that the gods created an island country called Japan.

While such a fairy tale is being handed down, Aristoteles calculated the distance to the moon and the size of the sun and the moon. I think that many of you are familiar with the name of this Aristoteles. This person noticed that “the moon and the sun are round, so the earth may be round.” But at this time, the Ptolemaic theory was still believed. The stars revolve around the earth.

About 1500 years later, Copernicus found that the earth was orbiting the sun. But alas, it seems that the calculation was a little off. So he was told by scholars of this era, “Isn’t the answer to this calculation strange?” That’s why his hypothesis didn’t get accepted.

Later, Kepler notices that the orbit of the planet is elliptical. Moreover, he found that the speed increased as the planet approached the Sun. Is there anyone who can prove this? !! He was looking for someone who could prove it. That Galileo Galilei appeared there.

He proves that Jupiter has satellites and that Venus has its phases. If the Earth is at the center, it is strange that Venus has its phases. This means that the sun is at the center.

He also found that the planet was not a perfect sphere because of the craters on the moon and the sunspots on the sun. Copernicus’s miscalculation was due to the fact that the orbit was elliptical and that the planet was not a perfect sphere.

This discovery of Galileo Galilei, as you all know, was not acknowledged for religious reasons. At the end of this trial, the mutter that “the earth is still moving” is famous, isn’t it?

The heliocentric theory was finally accepted around the 18th and 19th centuries. The reason is that many discoveries that prove the heliocentric theory have come out, and the church has no choice but to admit it. Furthermore, it may be related to the fact that people of a generation who believe in the Ptolemaic theory and do not doubt it have passed away.

And they move on to the question, “How did the universe come about?”

The story will be long, so next time.