Ability to think

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Hello. This time I would like to write about thinking.

I think most companies have manuals about their operations. Even so, there shouldn’t be anyone who hands them a copy and says, “Now, please do the work this way.”

Even if the job is similar (sales, clerical work, production, etc.), the rules and methods are different depending on the company. Of course, the groundwork will change depending on whether you have experience or not, but a certain amount of explanation is necessary.

It’s just that you need to think and act on your own to respond to sudden things that are not in the manual. Of course, you can also get advice from your seniors, but there can be cases that seniors have never experienced.

Even if you are told to think and act, it will be difficult without a certain amount of knowledge and experience.

When I was young, my grandmother often told me to “use your head.”

Every time something happened, my grandmother would think about it by herself and say, “Hey, it went well,” with a smile on her face. I always wondered, “What does it mean to use my head?”

After a while, I realized that “to use my head is to think for myself”, but at the same time, I also realized that “a person cannot think without knowledge”.

Because of that, I thought, “I can’t write without knowing the language,” and when I was in middle school or high school, I recklessly tried to memorize a dictionary (laughs).

Of course I got frustrated.

What I’m trying to say is that when people want to cultivate their ability to think and acquire original ideas, peripheral information other than manuals is indispensable.

When we encounter an inexperienced case, we can instantly understand and act on information such as “what is happening in the current situation” and “what should be done” to solve the problem. I want to be able to do it.

And if you can reflect that in the manual, it will lead to the value of the company as a whole, not just the ability of the individual.

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