Depth psychology story -1

マカロン-1 English

I understand that some effort is needed to make my wish come true, but I would like to minimize this effort. Don’t you think so too? I’ve been spending more than 20 years. That doesn’t mean I wasted this time. It was the time I needed. However, if there is a way to achieve it sooner, I would like to try it from now on.

At that time, I came across a video of a person who tells me about deep psychology and the subconscious.

She gives us hints on how our dreams and goals can move lightly with minimal force.

It means making great progress with minimal effort. right? It is a hint that my 20 years may have been completed in 10 years. We have to study, right?

When talking about the subconscious and the manifest consciousness, it is often compared to the tip of the iceberg. The subconscious is what is exposed to the surface of the sea and the subconscious is hidden in the sea. I will paste the figure I drew here.


I think I was able to draw it well, but how is it?

Let’s get back to the story.

There are two manifest consciousnesses on the surface of the sea (Mr. A and Mr. B), but the subconscious mind in the sea is very deep and deep, and they are connected to one at the bottom of the sea. It is said that there is a deeper layer even from the connected place, and the subconscious mind is an unknown area where the bottom is unknown. This part is said to be unconscious or collective unconscious.

What happens in the first layer of this connected part is something like psychic transmission, foreboding, and so on.

When I was wondering, “By the way, is that person doing well?”, He or She contacts me or I happen to meet him or her in the city. It seems that this is an event that happens because people are subconsciously connected. And this telepathy is still the beginning. Being a little deeper than the telepathic layer, we will come across the information and people we need when we think “I want to do something like this”.

Then, little by little, we will be able to do what we want to do. This is what the world calls the “law of attraction.”

Of course, it is necessary to act on the information we have obtained, learn from the people we meet, and make efforts to move forward little by little.

The people I met in the videos so far have said that “action is important”, so it seems that efforts are needed.

That being said, the first thing we have to do is to connect with the subconscious. To be able to telepathy.

She says that the secret to the subconscious is to “love yourself.” To that end, it is important to live with your true intentions. Don’t lie to your heart.

If you don’t understand what you really mean, start by asking yourself.

What do I really want to do?
How do I want to live?
How do I want to be?
What kind of future do I really want to go to?

She asks herself these questions every day. Of course, not only the question but also the answer will be written down on paper.

This person has also published a book, so if you are interested, I think you should read it.

I am now asking myself what I want to do.


By the way, regarding this collective unconscious, Mr. Einstein of the theory of relativity seems to have left the word that this is equal “love” as the realm of God. This is a very powerful force, and nothing beats love.

Love is God, and God is love. The energy that heals the world proliferates at the square of the speed of light. Mr. Einstein came to the conclusion that love is the greatest power because there is no limit to love. Is it that the power of love is flowing at the root of what is called the collective unconscious? Does that mean that as long as we live with love, we can be strong?

We have to think about what love is. What do you think of it?