A person who can see and hear is this person a psychic ?

雲-4 English

How to distinguish between those who can see and hear different worlds. So there was a person who posted a video, so I took a look.

In the first place, people see what they want to see.

You can see it when you turn your consciousness (See also the Law of attraction-2 I wrote earlier), so it looks like that depending on which part of the reality you cut out.

If someone tells me, “There’s something behind you,” I think I’ve had a heavy shoulder lately. Or, my eyes are getting blurred. Or start finding bad things. The traffic lights are all red, for example.

If something really is attached and you feel better if you get rid of it, that’s fine, but be careful as some people are fraudulent for the purpose of money. This person is uploading a video to be careful not to be fooled by such a person.

I wrote about seeing and hearing other worlds before (霊能力って特技よね-1– What is psychic ability-1 But I’m still writing only in Japanese ), but only that person can understand it. As this person said, seeing and hearing other worlds is no different from the ability to be able to account and calculate quickly.

And it seems that there are stages in the connected world. It seems that they can only access the same world as the stage where there are people who are seeing and hearing. That is why some people are accessing hell.

By the way, the stage is the world of hell, hunger, brute, shura, people, and heaven.

Each world has its own characteristics. the hell world is complaints, the hungry world is devouring, the livestock world is lust and jealousy, the shura world is violence and fighting, and the heavenly world is the affirmation and affection of oneself and others. It seems that there is another stage in the world of heaven.

Based on these, if you pay attention to the person who says you can see or hear, you will understand which world the person is connected to.

The place to pay attention to is people. For example, wording, facial expressions, atmosphere, clothes (cleanliness), etc.

It is important to closely observe whether the person is contributing to the world and for others. They can say anything by mouth. I am often deceived by words. It seems to be a type that basically believes in people (^^;

What the person is saying is different from what he or she is doing.

Oh? If you think so, be careful!


Well, take it back,This is true for you and myself.

How is your wording?

Do you smile on your face?

How is the atmosphere (feeling)?

Do you take care of your appearance and keep it clean all the time?

Do you care for yourself and others?

Do you also take good care of your belongings?

It’s a good idea to look back on yourself in this way. I’m OK except for the wording. Maybe!

If you think, “Oh, my face is stiff!”, Massage your face with both hands and pull up the corners of your mouth. The atmosphere (feeling) will also rise a little. After that, please wash your clothes. Of course, I also wash my clothes. I like cleanliness.