Video-YouTube University-2 Japanese History Walk

赤い傘-1 English

In the summer, Professor Nakata jumped out of the classroom and started visiting temples and shrines and delicious food.

I think he couldn’t stand staying in the classroom all the time.

The first is “Hie Shrine”, which is located in Akasaka, Tokyo. He walks while introducing the shrine, but this shrine has an escalator. I was surprised. “Do you have an escalator outside?! That’s very convenient.”

The priest guided him inside the treasure hall, and it was fun as if I was on a tour.

In this Japanese history walk, after enjoying the shrine, there is also a plan to eat at a restaurant near the shrine.

The second meal at “Tokyo Daijingu” in Kanda was derived from Fukui prefecture, and it was a very happy time for me from Fukui prefecture.

I’m late, but I’m from Fukui prefecture.

Wakasa sake, heshiko, and Echizen soba. I was happy that there was Fukui in Tokyo.

From the third walk in Japanese history, Mr.Nakata started to visit temples and shrines wearing a yukata and a red umbrella. It feels good to have a taste.

Every time, I was taught information that I didn’t know, I could enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Tokyo, The red stamps of temples and shrines that increase every time are also beautiful, and I enjoyed the extracurricular lessons very much. It was interesting that there were brave guardian dogs and cute guardian dogs depending on the shrine, and their appearances and sizes were different.

↓ Example of guardian dog


At mealtime, I was able to listen to Professor Nakata’s daily life and memories, which made me feel closer to him.

It was a very fun walk.