How to compliment people-1-About techniques

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When you praise someone, don’t you wonder how to praise them?

I often say things like “Your one is nice”. However, some people accept it as a flattery. So do my compliments sound like a lie? I think. I’m saying that it’s really good.

This time, I found a video that introduces “how to praise the other person”, so I would like to write about how to praise.

There are many books that say it’s good to praise this way, but it doesn’t make sense to learn just the technique. If you rely too much on technique, It is “you who are using the technique” that you like the other person. It’s good to use techniques, but if you rely too much on them, you won’t be able to get your true feelings. You only look for things that make the other person happy, so your opinion is not included. If that continues, the other person will like “you of the lie”, and you will not be able to express your opinion more and more. And because you can’t express your opinion, you lose confidence in yourself.

Therefore, it is better to rely on the technique to the minimum necessary, such as when dealing with the other person for the first time.

Socializing with people is like practicing life and is quite difficult. As I wrote at the beginning, sometimes I really think “good”, but for some reason the other person thinks it’s flattering.。

No matter what you say, a negative person will receive it negatively.

The negative itself is not a bad thing. So let’s look at those people positively from a different direction.

Negative people are learning negative by tuning to negative radio. Once they have learned the negatives, the next step may be to start learning the positives.

This time it’s a little short, but that’s it. Next time, I would like to write a concrete example of ” How to make the other person confident “.

I wrote about connections with people before, so I’d be happy if you could see that as well.

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