Let’s be happy!

チューリップ English

I came across a very surprising video, so this time it’s about this story.

When someone does something unpleasant, such as being mean, you just want to vomit.

However, the words I give to others go around and eventually come back to me. (Brain science law of attraction-1 touches on the story of Kotodama, so please take a look there if you like.)

If the words come back, I want the good things to come back.But what should I say?

This video provided a very interesting answer. This contributor has  some children who can talk to God, and I really appreciate it. And the words that the child taught me was

Be happy!

Yeah! ?? Did you think? When I asked, was that so? I thought, but at the same time I thought, “I see!” Imagine a little and practice.

When someone does or says something that seems like harassment,

“I’m angry! Make you happy !!”

Somehow, I couldn’t help laughing.

So, I remembered various things I didn’t like in the past and said to those people in my memory, “Be happy !!”

Then it was already a big laugh. I wonder what it means to be happy with someone who gets angry, but the more I do it, the more I laugh.

That alone made me feel like I was back in happiness.

Please try it, too. It’s very easy because you don’t have to put in your feelings.

Okay, did you remember the annoying events of the past? Say loudly to the hateful person.

Be happy! !! !!

I don’t know what it is, but it makes you laugh, right?

This video was a really good encounter.

With all your heart to your favorite person

Even if you don’t put your heart into the person you hate

All at once

Let’s be happy!