When do you feel troublesome?

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Hello. When you try to do something, there are times when you think, “It’s troublesome.” Have you ever thought about when you think it’s “troublesome”?

You may say, “It’s because I don’t want to do it,” but then why “I don’t want to do it”?

When you think it’s troublesome, if you dig into your true feelings, you may think that you often think, “I don’t want to get hurt anymore.” It is an unconscious thought that if you act that way, you may be hurt.

For example, what do we think when we think that going to work is “troublesome”?

There are many reasons why you don’t want to go, such as “I don’t want to ride a crowded train,” or “My boss might get angry with me again,” or “I have to be careful with my colleagues.”

In my case, there were times when I didn’t want to go because I didn’t feel like I was helping the company. Once, when I was helping a busy colleague with her work, she told me not to do anything extra. I was just trying to make everyone’s work go smoothly.

In this way, when we have a painful experience, we think, “I don’t want it anymore.” Unconsciously, we feel fear that the same thing may happen again, and we feel that “going to work is troublesome.”

If you feel “troublesome,” think “I think I’m scared” or “I don’t want to get hurt.”

I think it’s “troublesome” by unconsciously setting yourself up. So by becoming aware of what you are afraid of, you will become less aware of that.

In the first place, thinking “it’s troublesome” actually means that you think “I have to do it” or “I want to do it”.

Do you think that it cannot be so? Then don’t you think you shouldn’t do it? If you really don’t want to do it, you shouldn’t have the feeling of “it’s troublesome”.

You think you have to do it or you want to do it, but you also don’t want to get hurt. So, you are expressing your emotions as “troublesome” as a conflict of heart.

Then, what should we do?

When we feel “it’s troublesome”, we balance “I want to do it” and “I don’t want to get hurt” in our hearts. Then ask yourself, “What do I want to do?”

When I think about it carefully, even if we say “hearts were hurt” in the past, it wasn’t that big of a wound. And the chances of getting hurt this time are very low.

Above, I thought about “When do we feel troublesome?” When the feeling of “I’m troublesome” comes to my mind, by being aware that “I don’t want to be hurt,” I get an opportunity to think about what I really want to do.

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