The story of the gate-2 – Another gate

天の川-1 English

August, when I was happy to go to a wonderful world. I heard the name of the new gate.


This will close at the beginning of August.

What is it? Is it different from the year-end gate? Am I going through the year-end gate after going through the Lions Gate? What is Lions Gate?

Moreover, the day when Lions Gate closes is just around the corner.

For the time being, I came to the conclusion that I should decide this as well, and I feel like I passed through the gate on August 9th. No, don’t look at me with such cold eyes… 


After all, I didn’t know at this time, but Lions Gate is from July 26th to August 8th, which is the first day of the Maya calendar. Although it is called a gate, it seems that it is neither a gate nor a door.

Simply put, it seems to be the period when a strong force like a lion falls from space to the earth. 


Lions Gate went by like this.

I can’t do everything someone says, “You should do that by this day” or “You should do this.” So I’m only choosing what I’m interested in.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go through the gate to a hilarious world by the end of 2020, so I’m not interested in other gates for now.