I can’t understand

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hello everyone.

Last time I talked about elementary particles, but how was it? Did you think, “I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

When I talk about things like the last time, I often get strange faces from the other person asking, “What’s the story? Are you okay?” So, this time it’s a story that I can’t understand.

Sometimes, for some reason, what I’m saying isn’t understood by the other person. I don’t mean to tell a particularly difficult story, it’s very strange that the other person doesn’t understand me, even though I’m just talking about what I thought or wondered.

Most of the time, the other person tells me, “You are mysterious.” From these things, I thought, When people hear something they don’t understand, they tend to make fun of the person who said it.

Some people ridicule those who are doing their best. Since such people cannot do it themselves, are they trying to gain an advantage by looking down on the other person? It doesn’t matter whether it’s conscious or unconscious. Such people are too trapped in their own world, their horizons are narrowed, and they don’t even try to understand the other person.

It was my experience, but there was something I really didn’t understand. In the story of “teaching children to study,” I said that I should teach them how to think about the problem and how to answer it, and that teaching the answer is not teaching study. However, for some reason, he didn’t understand it and started to get angry.

I don’t know how he received it, but he said, “Is there such a opinion!” From my point of view, he seemed to say that he should teach the children the answer. But I couldn’t hear his intention. No matter what I said, he said, “You are wrong!” And he didn’t talk.

I didn’t even understand why he was angry. I think it’s okay that each person has a different way of thinking. We don’t have to bother to contend with the other person just because we disagree with ourselves. Perhaps they live in different worlds, so it can’t be helped.

Do you remember telling you are the one and only story before?

1. You are you and you are the one and only

2. That each person has justice

3. That the world has only what it needs

I talked about three things, and that is my answer.

Since the worlds in which we live are different and each one is unique, our way of thinking and understanding is completely different. So, we don’t have to blame each other, just understand that. Different worlds have different common sense.

Since ancient times, I think that many Japanese people are serious or steadfast in trying to master one skill. The Japanese may have a habit of continuing to move forward without swaying one path. If they sometimes stop and listen to stories from different worlds, I wonder if I wouldn’t be called ” You are mysterious.”

What are your thoughts on this?

the one and only story