At the root of anger

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Hello. I’ve suddenly thought about it, so I’ll write about it.

As I wrote in the title, it’s a story of anger.

What do you think is the basis of anger? Do you think that anger is anger and nothing else? I suspected that there was sadness at the root of anger. The reason is that I thought when I was writing the parable that I mentioned in the story of decluttering before. I’ll put the contents below.

The new items you bought came to your house from the store shelves and were delighted to say, “Now, I’ll be useful!” At first, you used it and it was alive, but as you got tired of it, you gradually stopped using it. The item is always left in a fixed place, and it loses its value. “Are you no longer needed?” And the item becomes sad. Around this time, the item began to rise in wickedness, and when it became covered with dust and wickedness, the item became angry, saying, “Why should I be so alone!” This wicked anger begins to attract bad things one after another.(断捨離の効果-風水の視点から-1

It is a story of such contents. But it’s not written in English. sorry.

Things that have been left unattended are sad at first and gradually become angry. The starting point is sadness, isn’t it?

This time, let’s use the body as an example.

It is a pattern that repeats unbalanced diet every day. He has a diet of only additives, only oil, and no minerals, and because he is delicious and enjoyable, he repeats every day without exercising and lazily. On the body side, it is necessary to maintain the body based on the materials that are taken in. The manager of the physical condition management department says, “Keep it in the warehouse” and “Let’s use this as a material for maintaining physical condition.” In the absence of the necessary nutrients, they try to stay healthy.but, Only oil and chemicals are procured. Even if they make ends meet with sad feelings, only unusable items will continue to be stored in the internal warehouse. Eventually, the manager of the physical condition management department pushes a stamp that “cannot maintain good health”. When he finally signs the document, anger erupts. Red blood cells, white blood cells, and other maintainers who worked hard under the director also get angry. By that time, illnesses were developing all over the body and the immune system was not exerted. It can’t be helped because there are no materials necessary for immunity.

It was a long analogy. However, the onset or worsening of this disease may be the anger of the body. Even if I replace it with myself, even though I’m doing my best, if people around me complain, I’m saddened by why they don’t cooperate, and I think I’ll eventually get angry. This is why I thought there was sadness at the root of my anger.

If you are suffering from an illness, you may think “What is it!”, But this is an analogy. If you think “maybe”, please take care of your body, which may be sad now.

When you get angry, you can get angry first, but if you calm down a little, you should think about what you really think.

As for me, I used to get very angry. I was angry and angry, and I was angry for a while, but when I was a little calm, I asked myself, “What do you really think?” Then I realized, “I’m sad that they didn’t listen to me.” The event that happened that day, when I try to give an opinion, the other person puts a word on it and says it. He has covered my words over and over again to counteract my words. That person doesn’t listen to what Tomo says. With such an attitude, I even felt malicious.

I was angry at first, but when I turned my heart to my feelings, I found that I was actually sad.

Ask yourself what you really think when you get angry. I’m sure it’s sad.

It is very important to be aware of your feelings. It also leads to cherishing yourself. People who value themselves will surely be valued by others.

I also found myself sad. Exchange of opinions is a place for discussion. It’s not a winning or losing game, is it? The other person had covered my words over and over again to counteract my words, I decided to become a person who wouldn’t do that.

I would be grateful if you could see the following story.