Application from mold removal measures

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hello. What are you doing to prevent mold in your bathroom?

Have you ever heard that it is good to pour cold water over the bathroom after taking a bath? Some people may actually be doing it. However, according to recent information, it seems to be good to use “hot water”. When it comes to how hot it is, it seems that about 45 degrees is fine. It’s hot for a bath, but it doesn’t seem to be as hot as I expected. I thought it would be around 60 degrees. However, if it is too hot, steam will remain and it will cause mold, so it is important to control the temperature.

In my talk this time, I will announce the results of an experiment using “mildew countermeasures in the bath”.

The content of my experiment was to remove moss growing on concrete.

In fact, the concrete in front of my house turned faintly green. Just when I was thinking, “This is moss,” inspiration came.

“Moss is a fungus, isn’t it?”

So, if hot water is effective against mold in the bath, isn’t it also effective for this concrete? ! I thought.

The good is in a hurry, and I tried it right away. That said, this is what I did this summer. The temperature of the hot water is about 70 to 80 degrees, just before boiling. When I tried this out, it turned out like the picture below.


The white part is where the hot water was poured, and the yellow-green part is where the hot water flowed. Can you see the difference from the green part? It’s a little hard to see in this photo, isn’t it?



how is it. Isn’t it amazing? It is effective! It seems that you can take measures against moss without using dangerous chemicals. I just tried it as an experiment, but I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well.

It’s interesting, so why don’t you try it?


The following is a story that might make you think “TOMO might be a little strange” (laughs)