The difference between good mood and compassion

ひつじ English

Hello. What do you think is the difference between pampering and caring?

The difference is the motive.

Pampering is to make someone happy out of “fear” that you don’t want to offend them. Caring is behavior that arises from the desire to please the other person.

In terms of “making someone happy”, both seem to be the same, but there is a difference in how you feel when you act.

People who depend on others to make them feel good blame others, saying, “You’re not considerate.” When someone says that to you, you’re a kind person, so you might end up thinking, “I’m not considerate enough.” That’s why you work hard to please someone and wear yourself down more and more.

You don’t have to please the other person just because you’re afraid to offend them. I want you to remember, how did you feel in the past when you saw the other person happy?

Which is “I’m relieved” or “I’m happy too”?

It is also your own pleasure to act with the intention of making someone happy from your true heart. Therefore, you will not be exhausted both physically and mentally.

When the other person is happy and you feel relieved, it’s a chance to realize that you’re trying to pamper someone.

When the other person is happy and your heart feels warm and satisfied, that’s “caring.”

Quietly walk away from someone you need to pamper. Also, look back and see if you’re forcing someone to pamper you.

By the way, no matter how hard the other person tries, the person who wants to take the pamper will never be satisfied. So, the person is more and more demanding to the other party, ′′ please make me happy.

As I wrote before, “Your mood is what you make better“. By the time you make demands of others, it is already dependent. Dependence is never satisfied no matter how much someone does for you. You end up exhausting them.

If you have any idea, please start by pleasing yourself.

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