How to attract miracles

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hello everyone. Today, I watched a video that talked about what you should try to attract miracles, so I’d like to introduce it.

Do miracles happen that often? If it happens frequently, it’s no longer a miracle, is it? Well, it’s a good thing, so I decided to think that it’s okay to have a lot of good things coming. There are four steps, so I’ll write them down for now.

Step 1 Think of something amazing that you want to happen

Anything is good. However, please think of something wonderful that you think from the bottom of your heart.

Step 2 Think about when it will happen

If you try to say the date and it’s impossible, or if you feel uneasy, make a date other than that date. Or you can split it. For example, if you’re making a costume, you might want to set a deadline for choosing the fabric and making the paper pattern.

Step 3 Find out what you think is “amazing” every day until the set deadline

It’s okay if other people see it and think, “That’s it?” It’s important that you think you’re great. No matter how small it may be, think every day that something amazing has happened. Like when you eat pizza and think, “It’s delicious!”

Step 4 Don’t worry if the deadline you set comes, or if the first thing you decided to do doesn’t happen

You may think, “Why, it didn’t come true after all.” But it’s different. There is a possibility that your own vibrations corresponding to various things that happened by the deadline have shifted slightly and the deadline has been delayed. It seems that there is a great possibility that it will become something bigger than what I first thought.


If you only do steps 1 and 2, you have already decided that ‘something amazing will happen’ at that point, so it is important to repeat step 3.

It’s very easy, and if you do it well, you might really be able to summon a miracle. I think that even if things don’t go well, if you get into the habit of “looking for something great every day,” your day will be brighter than before. I think it’s a happy thing to be able to spend every day with a rich heart. How do you feel about this? Do you have to win big miracles rather than small miracles?

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