Being as it is

ハート-2a English

Hell everyone.

Don’t you wonder what it means to be “as is”? This time, I would like to consider what this “as is” means.

For example, suppose you can meet someone who has reached the place you are aiming for, talk to someone you admire, or work with someone you admire. In these cases, you can learn from the person you admire and take a step further! Or maybe you’re overwhelmed and realize your smallness and lose confidence.

But it’s okay.

Just because you meet them, you are already living in the same world as them. You’ve just arrived at that world, so you just look small and you’re really growing up and being there. You just aren’t aware of that growth.

Do you know the story of rabbits and turtles? Rabbits and turtles compete for the summit, but the turtles are slow, so while the rabbit is taking a nap to relax for a while, The turtle reaches the top and the rabbit loses.

This story can also be read as “Don’t let your guard down.” However, it can be read that you should walk step by step without being confused by those around you. As for what it means, the rabbit saw the movement of the competitor’s turtle and thought it was still okay. The turtle would have been overwhelmed by the speed of the rabbit, but he did not give up and proceeded steadily toward the summit. The only thing that the turtle saw was probably the goal. If the turtle was concerned about his surroundings, he must have stopped walking.

In this competition, only rabbits and turtles were players, so rabbit thought that only had to beat turtles. But to the people around them who are cheering for rabbit and turtle, the rabbit seems to be lazy.

It is important to have a broad view of the surroundings, but like this turtle, it is important to make sure to work step by step once you have set a goal. If you go towards what you have decided to do, you don’t have to compare it to others. Because that goal is only for you. I think this is what it means to be “as it is.”

Just by devoting yourself to what you want to do and just being there, you may unknowingly influence your surroundings and become a source of motivation for someone.

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