Our body heals itself

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Hello. Have you ever heard of a person who was told by a doctor at the hospital that it would be difficult to cure the condition, but for some reason he made a full recovery? The story goes that they said, “If I don’t have much time left to live, I’ll do what I want to do,” and as they did what they had always envisioned, their illness was completely cured.

I believe that my body is capable of healing itself. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t rely on hospitals. If it is difficult to heal with my own efforts, I have no hesitation in asking a doctor to prescribe medicine. This is because I have decided to take advantage of the medicine and heal myself.

The other day, a video introduced a clinic that offers a slightly unusual treatment. When you go to the clinic here, you will be asked questions about the future when you are cured of your illness, such as “What do you want to do when you are cured of your illness?” and “What kind of celebration will you have if you are cured of even one disease?”

If the answer is “nothing,” the doctor asks, “Do you want to live your life with the aim of curing illness?” You think about why you want to cure your illness, and you decide to cure this illness so that you can enjoy the future after your illness is cured.

When we get sick, we tend to feel depressed and have a dark future. However, by asking questions like this, we can think about a future in which our bodies have healed, and we can regain our will to live.

When someone asks me, “What do you want to do?” it seems like I have to think about something big, but that’s not the case. Things like “I want to eat a chocolate parfait,” “I want to take a hot spring,” or “I want to go out wearing a kimono” are fine. Of course, it’s also good to have big dreams like “traveling around the world on a luxury cruise ship” or “aiming to climb Mt. Fuji.”

The purpose of life is to live happily. Even if the disease cannot be cured, the winner is the one who can feel happy and find joy every day. Well, life isn’t about winning or losing, but I want to live a life that makes sense to me.

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