try to stay away

花-12 English

hello. After meeting someone, have you ever felt “I’m kind of tired” or feeling uneasy?

When that happens, try to get away from that person. I would like you to try it for two to three weeks as an experiment.

What am I going to say all of a sudden? You think so, don’t you? This time, I would like you to try it once when you are confused about interpersonal relationships.

So, the reason why I want you to stay away from such relationships is that if you get tired or feel down by being involved with those people, you are no longer on good terms with them.

“No, no, even if I say I feel down, I didn’t say anything negative.”

you might say. But if you feel down, just step away for a moment. It’s not the content of the story, it’s your own feeling priority.

Even if the other person thought it would be useful for you and brought it to you, if you yourself don’t like it, you don’t have to take it in. Yes, even if it’s a story about marriage or business, if you don’t feel like it, you can refuse it.

On the contrary, the same is true for being complained about.

It’s fine if you can convince the other person to say, “That’s right,” but if that’s not the case, you can ignore it. If it was a really important complaint for you, it’s okay because an event will happen later that will make you understand it.

You don’t have to force yourself to accept complaints or whatever because you think “Good medicine has a bitter taste.” The most important thing is what you think.

It goes without saying that we should stay away from negative stories, but even if they are positive stories, if we feel uneasy, we won’t take them in.

For the time being, for about two to three weeks, please try an experiment of “getting away from those people.” If you try it and it doesn’t work, it may not be the right way for you, so try to find a different way.

That’s why today’s talk was “Try to get away from those people at times like this.” I would be happy if it would be helpful.

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