How to restore eyesight

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Hello everyone.

Last time I wrote about the causes and countermeasures for visual impairment, but this time I will introduce the methods to restore vision. First of all, this is a review of the last time, myopia, astigmatism, strabismus, ptosis, cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye, etc. are the types of visual impairment.

And what is thought to be the cause of these is blood flow, lack of oxygen, and lack of nutrients. Last time, we took measures against blood flow, oxygen deficiency, and nutrition deficiency throughout the body. right?

The teacher in the video I saw said that the main causes were malnutrition in the eyes and the stiffening of the ciliary body that regulates the crystalline lens in the eyes.

The ciliary body becomes stiff because of overuse of the eyes, such as keeping looking at the smartphone all the time. The ciliary body is also muscle. Overuse of the eyes means that the ciliary body is in a tense state all the time.

For example, suppose you do push-ups. It is the same state as keeping the arm bent all the time. Even if you suddenly say “Now, please stretch” the arm that you kept bending, the muscles of that arm will be stiff and you will not be able to stretch it immediately. The same thing is happening with the ciliary body.

So how do you get the muscles back together?

1, overwork again

2, massage

3, do abdominal muscles

The correct answer is ———- 2.

So, that’s how to massage. The teacher introduced me some, but I would like to introduce the ones that I thought were “easy to do”.

The first is tapping. Just use your fingertips to tap around the eyebrows and the bones under the eyes.

By stimulating the area around the eyes, the autonomic nerves are stimulated and blood flow is improved.

The second is pulling and twisting the eyebrows.

I think it’s easy, but I can’t pinch my eyebrows (crying)

The third is to pull the corner of the eye sideways with your finger for 3 seconds. In the same way, pull diagonally upward for 3 seconds. Pull diagonally downward for 3 seconds. Pull under the eyes for 3 seconds. Raise your eyebrows for 3 seconds.

By moving the facial muscles, blood flow improves.

The fourth is one minute meditation. Close your eyes and remember the beautiful scenery. The act of “seeing” is done by the brain, so it seems that the purpose is to relax the brain.

That’s all, how was it? If this restores my eyesight, and if I think I can prevent presbyopia and cataracts in the future, I think I should try it. And it doesn’t cost money.

All you have to do is Breathing training in PET bottles and exercises for air skipping rope, and massage your facial muscles. Do you want to do it or not?

1. Do it

2, Don’t do it

See you next.