Accept the other person’s opinion

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Hello. It is often said that “ten people have ten colors”, but there are as many opinions as there are people.

And since people often assume that they are always right, we often see conflicts of opinion with others.

When we try to do something in a group of several people, we can expect good results and success by integrating diverse opinions and perspectives.

When I went on a trip with friends before, I thought about it, but when we brought together the photos we took, even though it was the same scene, the different angles made the photos look different. Everyone had a different photos.

It was interesting to see the difference in the other person’s perspective, such as, “This person was looking at such a landscape at that time.” Those scenes are something that I cannot capture.

It is precisely when we work as a team, such as in school group work or at work, that we can make various predictions by knowing and incorporating these different perspectives and opinions. And by working out those countermeasures, we can lead the project to success. It is important to listen to and accept other people’s opinions.

Integrating and fusing different opinions and perspectives is directly linked to results. Opinions and perspectives that differ from your own can be valuable information.

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