my role

パズル1 English

Hello. We all have our own roles in various places, whether it’s at work or at home. This may be through your own candidacy, or in the case of work, it may be due to a transfer.

When I changed jobs to a company in my first industry, I really felt like a first-year working adult. This industry was completely unknown to me as I had never been involved in it before.

First of all, I had to remember the names of things, and I had to understand not only the flow of work in my department but also the flow of work within the company. I was given various responsibilities and my days were dizzy, but on my days off, I would go to the library or bookstore to learn about the industry and how to manage work.

Based on the knowledge I gained, I applied it to my work, and once I was able to gradually understand it, I started thinking about how to proceed with my work smoothly. When I am able to do something, I push forward towards the next step. Now that I think about it, I’m really an honor student.

There were times when I disagreed with people, and even when I acted with the best intentions, things didn’t go well. By having such various experiences, when I look back, I realized that I am now able to do many different things.

Even when creating materials, focusing on how to make them easy to understand and view will make it easier for others to understand. Sometimes it’s a matter of self-satisfaction, but I think that’s fine. I think it’s OK because it’s not just about my convenience, but also about the other person’s needs.

I think that by thinking about what is currently required of you and what you want to provide, you can establish who you are. By experiencing various things, you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve heard the saying, “No experience is wasted,” but whether or not you waste your experience depends on how you view it.

I would like to praise my efforts in the past. I’m sure I’ll continue to work hard at something from now on. It won’t go to waste either.

believe in yourself