Losing to oneself

梅干し-1 English

There are people who bully people and people who look down on them. People like that are actually losing to themselves.

Hello. This time, I tried to write it in a way that surprised me. Were you surprised?

As a pattern of human behavior that occurs when we are ruled by negativity, there are types of attacking ourselves and types of attacking others.

The act of bullying someone is a type of attacking others. The situation where you are attacking others in this way,

“I am defeated by myself, I am a very weak person.”

It’s the same as shouting loudly. When you think about it, it’s very embarrassing.

Even if it doesn’t go as far as bullying, I think everyone has, more or less, acted to blame others.

Looking back at myself in the past, there was a time when I was blaming others for everything that happened. When I think about why I did that, I think it’s because I wanted to think, “I’m always right.”

On the other hand, I have experienced being bullied, ridiculed, and looked down upon.( take care of yourself I also wrote in)

When you come to understand that other people are other people and you are yourself, you will stop blaming yourself and others.

If you find yourself blaming others or yourself right now, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Try to have a flat feeling that is neither negative nor positive.

The reason why I feel flat is because it is difficult for us to think positively when we are heavily negative. So, if you land on a flat feeling that is neither negative nor positive, it will calm your mind.

But again, don’t blame yourself here.

“Come on, don’t blame me so much, myself.”

Please reprimand yourself like you would treat a toddler. Whether you are blaming others or blaming yourself, both actions are really painful for yourself.

And I think it’s good to start by reflecting on yourself first.

From now on, let’s grow little by little so that we won’t lose to ourselves. I want us to grow more than we are now and meet each other.

take care of yourself

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