Law of attraction-1 – At the beginning

マカロン-2 English

From the contents of the diary so far, you may think that I’m only watching Mr. Nakata’s YouTube, but in fact, there are things I’m watching at the same time.

It’s space, brain science, spirituality, law of attraction, fortune-telling, etc.

You may think that you became suspicious at once, but please wait.

First of all, my interest in the law of attraction goes back about ten years.

There was a time when I wasn’t very happy with my condition, that is, I met only people who didn’t like me, and all the insane things happened, which made me feel painful. People around me denied me on a daily basis and somehow hated me. I was angry and complained about being insane by insane people. But I wanted to get out of that situation.

One day my friend advised me to keep saying “Thank you” in my heart no matter what. Even if I’m harassed, “Thank you for harassing me.” Even when others were saying my bad words, I kept saying “Thank you for saying bad things” in my heart.I continued for about a year as advised, but there was no change at all. Why do I have to say “thank you”? It is also a fact that I thought.


So I started to think that this method might be different, and started reading self-development books. I will write about the book I read if I have the opportunity, but for now I will write only one thing I remember.

I read several books, it was written in one of the books, but I forgot which book it was, so it’s a rough story.It seems that Yoko Ono was doing it at a difficult time when people around her said bad things. She remembered the face of her mean person before she went to bed, she said “I’ll forgive you” on her bed, and in less than a week she and that person She changed her relationship with.

I tried it too, but nothing changed around me.

After reading various books and trying what was written in the books, I came across the “law of attraction”.

I haven’t read it, but the book “The Secret” seems to be famous and has been advocated for quite some time, with the intention of realizing what I thought.

What I wanted to do will come true, right?!! Is it magic!!! Don’t you think?

I wondered what that was, so I bought a book with the content called “law of appeal”.

The contents of the book were completely incomprehensible. I have no idea what it is saying.

I didn’t understand it at all, and I read it five times, but it remained incomprehensible.

The most incomprehensible of these was the word “universe.”

Make a wish in the “universe”. The vibration of love is pouring down from the universe, so receiving it is the first step.

Where does it come from in the universe? Is the source God? Is God in space? Then, how can we receive the love from that god? What should I do to open my heart?

My heart is full of questions. Moreover, the author says that in order to fulfill one’s wishes, it is important to first “feel the feeling that the wishes have been fulfilled.” I didn’t understand that either.

Do you guys understand? Do you say “I don’t know what you’re talking about”? I am the same.

If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you can be sure that “I see!” However, at that time, there were many things I didn’t know, and the contents were not well understood.