The story of the gate-1 – The turning point of the times

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The story of the law of attraction was settled for me because I understood it to some extent, but one day I saw a video that said, “The gate will close at the end of 2020!” That’s not what one person said, and various people posted such videos.

What is the gate?

They say that now that polarization is progressing (yin and yang), you are asked which world you want to go to. The deadline for deciding it yourself is until the end of 2020.

The reason for the deadline of the end of 2020 is that it will change to the “wind era” from that point. I also heard this for the first time. Now “the era of soil” and soon “the era of wind” These eras have a cycle every 200 years, and it seems that there are also eras of fire and water. In the age of the wind, people began to look at ways of life that are not bound by things and unconventional values, and the whole world becomes free and light.

To put it simply, the difference between the soil age and the wind age seems to be divided into the material age and the spiritual age.

I don’t really care about the turning point of that era, but I was interested in the closing of the gate. Because, if the gate closes, I can’t enter anymore, right?

I’ve always been really tired of my life. That’s why I wish I want live cheerfully and happiness. That’s why I want to go through the gate to the hilarious world, but I want to know how to get through.

For that reason, I went around watching various videos again. As a result, I found a stunning answer.

“You only have to decide”

Hmm. Is that all right …?

Do you remember the story of the last law of attraction I wrote?

“Life develops in the direction you are conscious”

That is all right.

I feel like I understand or I don’t understand. But, well, I decided to go to a hilarious world, so I’m sure I can go to a hilarious world. No, it may have already come.