About controlling yourself

月-2 English


Are you a person who strictly keeps your promise?

I’m pretty good at it. I think that I am a person who keeps the rules that I have decided, or the things that I have been instructed to do since I was little.

I think you can be aware of the rules that you have consciously decided on your own. However, being advised by adults from a young age makes it difficult to judge where your intentions are. I often think that it must be like this without knowing it. Even if it doesn’t suit me, it’s something that everyone is doing, so I think it’s embarrassing that I can’t do this.

For example, because you are an adult, you are a girl, you are the eldest son, you are a parent, you are a boss, and so on.

Sometimes it may be necessary to think about these things and control yourself so that you don’t become lazy. But, if you are always strict with yourself, you will start to ask others for it. Have you ever heard that people who are strict with themselves are also strict with others?

Think about it. Why is he so free-spirited when I’m so patient! And anger is rising. Think more. It means that there is a feeling that “I also want to be free-spirited”. That’s why when I see a free-spirited person, I envy them. I’m hiding my envy, so I get angry instead.

I’ve talked about sadness at the bottom of anger before, but if you often ask yourself, you’ll find an answer that’s different from anger. ( At the root of anger

If you strictly follow the rules, every time you see a free-spirited person, you will continue to whip yourself and keep disciplining, saying, “Don’t look like that.”

The same was true of me in the past. Although I was trying hard thinking that I was still immature, I didn’t feel any reward and the people around me were just strict.

But now I feel like I understand the reason.

I’m strict with myself. That’s why the rigor comes back to me, and I think I’m still immature, so I’m faced with an immature situation. It’s the law of the mirror.

When I started watching the video, I was told to admit myself, and I didn’t understand the meaning, but for the time being, I kept telling myself, “I’m doing well” and “I’m wonderful.” At that time, I was trying little by little what the person talking in the video said.

As I was doing so many things, I realized that the happiness I have now is not the norm, although there may be other factors as well.

What happiness is, for example, waking up in the morning, being able to eat well, having a house, having a job, having friends, returning safely from wherever you are, living today. Besides, there are much happiness for the environment, such as beautiful flowers and delicious air.

As I practiced noticing these things, I feel that my heart has expanded. And I don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the surroundings as much as before. I am myself and others are others. Others can do it, but there are things I can’t do. On the contrary, I realized that there are things that I can do, but others cannot.

Sometimes I thought that only I could do it, but sometimes the other person could do it easily. It was a little embarrassing.

By focusing on what I have in this way, I have become less strict with myself.

Those who know satisfaction become wealthy.

I think it is very important to know enough. By knowing enough and complimenting myself, I feel that I will be able to make a big leap in the moment.