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Hello. It can be said that when we feel emotions (emotions, anger, sadness, and happiness), we are living our lives. Our emotions are something that we feel ourselves. “Joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure” is one of the types of emotions that humans have, and expresses joy, anger, sadness, fun, etc. It can be said that the fact that humans have emotions is proof that they are “alive.” right?

Expressing emotions is necessary for understanding oneself and for smooth communication with others.

The ways to express emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, and happiness vary from person to person, but there are ways to express emotions such as facial expressions, words, body language, and writing. For example, you can express joy by smiling, express anger by furrowing your eyebrows, and say things like “I’m happy!”, “I’m angry!”, “I’m sad”, “It’s fun”, etc. They may clap their hands in joy, make fists to express anger, or even glare. Sometimes we write letters and other texts, but we also express ourselves by drawing pictures. You can also express your emotions by singing and dancing.

The ways to express joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness may differ depending on the country, culture, and region. For example, in Japan, expressions such as “bowing” and “gratitude with eyes” are common, but in America, “high five” and “handshake” seem to be more commonly used. We also see people hugging each other.

However, each person may have a different way of expressing their emotions, and some people are expressive while others are not.

There seems to be no clear research results regarding people who are prone to strong emotions and those who are not. However, there are certainly individual differences. People who tend to express their emotions strongly tend to express their emotions easily because they are used to expressing them. Even if you are prone to strong emotions, there may be times when you need to suppress your emotions depending on the situation.

Even if you are not good at expressing your emotions, there are ways to learn how to express them. You may hear this a lot, but writing it down on paper can be surprisingly effective. Even if you don’t have to share your feelings with someone, just writing them down can help you sort out your feelings.

As I mentioned earlier, you can also express your own emotions by drawing a picture that matches your feelings. You may also be able to express your emotions by listening to music, composing music, or dancing.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, it is important to express your emotions in a way that suits you. Expressing emotions also requires practice. By practicing little by little, you will get better at expressing your emotions.

As long as we are alive, we will experience joy, anger, and sadness. Each person has a different way of expressing their joy, anger, sadness, and happiness, but expressing them is necessary for understanding ourselves and facilitating smooth communication with others. I think this is actually an important thing when thinking about human nature and human relationships.

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