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When you’re doing something, there’s something that comes out of impatience for some reason aren’t you?

This is what happens because you don’t believe in yourself. Did you know that?

When I heard this, I thought, “Maybe so!” What do you think?

As she says, if you believe that something is going to work out, if you keep doing it day in and day out, you can believe that it will eventually come true. At times like this, you won’t impatience.

Because it will come true.

When you look back at yourself, when things aren’t going well or you’re spinning,

“I’m impatient now”

And it’s important to realize. You can stop for a moment by noticing that you are in impatient.

If you don’t notice it, it won’t go well, and you’ll keep spinning. So, the first thing to do is to notice that “I’m impatient now” and stop to do.

Being in impatient is a state of forgetting that you are creating your own reality.

The fact that you create your own reality is what Napoleon Hill said, “Thoughts become reality.”

This is what it means to achieve 100% of what you envision.

In other words, if you can believe 100%, it will “go well” as you think.

From this, it can be said that being in an impatient is not 100% believing in the thought that “I will be like this”.

When you realize that you are in an impatience and stop, there is something you should know first. It’s that “the degree of belief that you can make it come true is declining”.

This means that you don’t believe in yourself, so apologize to yourself by saying, “I’m sorry, me.”

“From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry for not believing in myself.”

Apologize to yourself and then take a deep breath.

Then you will be able to believe in yourself again, so you will be motivated again. Maybe you can come up with a good idea to make it happen.

By noticing you’re an impatience and stopping, you will realize that you didn’t believe in yourself. By doing so, you will be able to make it come true without impatient.

What do you think. Did you think, “Maybe I didn’t believe in myself?”

I wondered why I was in such an impatience, but I realized that deep down, I doubted myself. Certainly, if I can believe in myself, I will definitely be able to go where I want, so there is no need to impatient.

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