What is happiness

趣味 English

Hello. This time, I heard what someone said and thought, “Yes!”, so I’m going to write about happiness.

The person said, “It is happiness to live life with satisfaction.”

As for what to “convince” in life, he says that it is to challenge what he himself wants to do.

If you don’t do anything because you’re afraid of failure, you’re bound to regret it. If you’re going to regret it anyway, it’s better to try a little than nothing. Even just gathering information about what you want to do is an action. If you gather information, you will be able to find things that you think you can do in this part, and you will be able to take action little by little.

This person seems to think that “challenge itself is a success.” Whether we fail or succeed, the fact that we tried is ‘success’, and doing nothing is ‘failure’.

We can find something new by challenging ourselves. Therefore, when we want to try something, we say, “OK, let’s do it.” He said that there is happiness beyond that.

If doing nothing is “failure”, even a little action is “success”.

Thinking this way, the time we are afraid of failure is already a “failure”. I think it’s a waste of time to do nothing and keep failing. You think so too, don’t you?