about getting permission

花と本 English

Hello. Today, I will try to write what I thought.

I have written about what I thought when I saw and heard various things so far, but this time I thought “There are people who take permission for everything,” so I will dig deeper.

It’s a little different from getting permission to say, “Can I take a video here?”

You should think and act on your own, but people who always ask others, “Can I do this?” Some people ask, “What do you think should be done?” Some people ask others without expressing their own opinions, and when they hear opinions that are different from their own, they say “I don’t think so.

I was looking at these people and wondering what they wanted to do. but I came to the answer that they want to say “I’m not wrong.”

A: “I want to do this, but is it okay if I do it?”

B: “Okay.”

When Mr. A tries it and it doesn’t work, he can run away by saying “Mr. B said it’s okay.”

Mr. A listened to Mr. C’s opinion and acted without expressing his own opinion. And when he doesn’t go well, he can pass the blame on, saying, “I didn’t think so, but Mr. C said so.”

Both are irresponsible stories, but from Mr. A’s point of view, they are not. Claim that the other party is to blame. This is a typical other person’s axis.

As I wrote before, Mr. A’s actions are actually decided by Mr. A himself. “Let’s follow Mr. B’s opinion” and “Let’s take in Mr. C’s opinion”, he is acting himself.

It’s going to be a little long, but I’ll write my experience.

In the past, I did things like Mr. A. I couldn’t have confidence in my own thoughts unless someone said “OK.”

I found something I wanted to do when I became a working adult. But if I consulted with my parents about this, they would probably say “It’s dangerous” or “I’m worried” and I wouldn’t be able to do it. So I reported the decision that “I’m going to study abroad for only two months!”

As expected, my parents said “It’s dangerous” or “I’m worried,” but I had already talked to the agency and decided on the study abroad destination and stay location, so there was no stopping me. My parents reluctantly respected my opinion and saw me off.

As a result of making decisions and taking action on my own, I was able to lead a really enjoyable study abroad life. Not only was it fun, but there were times when I got into fights and disputes with my homemates, but overall it was a good experience.

Before returning to Japan, I was in tears and even said, “I don’t want to go home.” Even at graduation ceremonies, I never cried, but this time, I could understand the feelings of people who cry at graduation ceremonies.

I think it was really good to think and act on my own.

It is necessary to obtain the permission that must be obtained, but if it is not necessary, act as you see fit. Then I think you can have an unexpected and interesting experience.